IPhone X Users Complaining Of Crackling & Buzzing Sounds From Earpiece Speaker

After the problem was discovered by a number of device owners, dozens more reported experiencing it as well and posted pictures on Twitter to prove it.

Some iPhone X users on forums confirm that Apple is replacing the affected units free of cost which means if you are among those noticing the green line then go right away for a replacement.

While sales of the iPhone X are red-hot, the devices are reportedly freezing up in cold temperatures.

The green line doesn't appear on the display when users first turn the phone on apparently, but spontaneously shows on screen after a short period of normal usage, reports MacRumors who cited users from the US, Canada, Poland, and Australia as having experienced the glitch.

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Apple's 2017 flagship, the iPhone X, has been suffering from a series of glitches since its launch. Unfortunately for some iPhone X users, the green line across the display is thick and isn't disappearing by its own.

This fault occurs with any type of audio playback, that could be a phone call, music, a video, and alarm clock sound, a ringtone, or any other type of audio playback on your iPhone X device. The earpiece doubles up as a speaker which works alongside the traditional speaker at the bottom of the device to offer stereo sound.

"As someone who spends a lot of time skiing, this is the deal breaker if it's a widespread issue", wrote a user in a thread on Reddit.

Apple has said that it is aware of the problem when the iPhone X gets cold, adding that it will be fixed in an upcoming update - it was not fixed with the release of iOS 11.1.1. The issue was noted a little while after the iPhone X was purchased and not right out of the box. They are particularly good when it comes to customer service, and want to ensure you're happy with your new device.

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