Sixth Woman Accuses George HW Bush of Groping

Sixth Woman Accuses George HW Bush of Groping

Sixth Woman Accuses George HW Bush of Groping

A sixth woman is accusing former president George H.W. Bush of groping her while they were having photos taken together, reports Time magazine.

Bush had joined Corrigan's father and other Central Intelligence Agency officers and their families at a reception at a CIA office in the Houston suburb - an office that, according to Dallas Morning News reporting, is unknown to local government and business officials.

Following the incident, Corrigan immediately told her mother Sari, who claimed that she now knows she should've spoken out, but she stayed quiet because of Bush's powerful position.

A Bush spokesperson claimed the ex-CIA director "simply does not have it in his heart to knowingly cause anyone harm or distress", but also admitted he has been known to touch "women's rears in what he meant to be a good-natured manner".

Actress Heather Lind was the first to speak out against the 41st president in October, saying Bush groped her from behind as his wife, Barbara Bush, looked on and "rolled her eyes as if to say 'not again.'" NY actress Jordan Grolnick, best-selling author Christina Baker Kline, former ME state Senate candidate Amanda Staples and former journalist Liz Allen came out with allegations against Bush days later. "Some have seen it as innocent; others clearly view it as inappropriate", Bush's second statement read.

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After Lind's accusation, Bush's spokesperson apologized on the former president's behalf and said Bush, who has been confined to a wheelchair for about five years due to vascular parkinsonism, intended the gesture-touching women's behinds without their consent-in a "good-natured manner". She said he told her a dirty joke and later grabbed her rear again while the photos were being taken.

"He didn't shake my hand. And then, all the while being photographed, touched me again". She said he squeezed her buttocks "a couple times".

Reactions to the revelations about Bush 41 have been mixed, with some coming to the former president's defense and attributing his actions to his age and physical illness. Actress Heather Lind was the first to level accusations against the former president on October 25th, 2017.

"It can also affect the front part of your brain - things like judgment, forethought, impulse control and people who have never acted badly or inappropriately their whole life, all of the sudden they start to do things that are out of character", Amen said. CNN uncovered a photo of her with Bush during the promotion of AMC's "TURN: Washington's Spies", which premiered in 2014. "I just burst into uncontrollable sobbing", Corrigan said. "I can't sleep anymore, because that's not true, and it's not an excuse".

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