Locker rooms robbed in Bank of Baroda in a dramatic style

It is not clear when the bank was robbed as it was closed on the weekend

It is not clear when the bank was robbed as it was closed on the weekend

Hemant Nagrale, Navi Mumbai commissioner of police said in a statement, "There is a case of house-breaking theft in Bank of Baroda, Juinagar branch".

Mumbai: A daring heist has been uncovered where a group of burglars dug a 25-foot-long tunnel from within a shop they had rented in May into the locker room of the Bank of Baroda's Juinagar branch, decamping with loot worth crores.

The theft came to light on Monday when the bank staff went to the locker room and found it in complete disarray, with numerous lockers still open. After that a horizontal tunnel of around 30 feet with a height of around four and half feet was dug till the bank locker room which was linked to another tunnel going up. This shop housing private lockers rented out to people for safe keeping of valuable and documents.

While it is not clear when the incident took place as the bank was closed on Saturday and Sunday, the matter came to light only when a customer of Bank of Baroda had to go to his locker to deposit some valuables. Police Commissioner also told that they had found some leads and we are working on them. "They stole cash and jewellery, and made their escape through the tunnel", said a police officer from Sanpada police station, on condition of anonymity.

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The bank, incidentally, had not installed CCTV cameras in the locker room to protect the customer's privacy.

The incident was reported when the bank was reopened on Monday where its staff found several lockers in the treasury room was damaged. It's an open secret that private banks usually demand heavy investments by customers (usually as fixed deposits or mutual funds) in exchange of pushing their names up in the "waiting list".

The robbers ran away with Rs 40 lakh worth of valuables, reports mention.

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