Bank of England reveals March 2018 cut-off date for paper £10 notes

The new polymer £10 bank note featuring Jane Austen replaced the old paper £10 in September
REUTERS  Chris J Ratcliffe  Pool

The new polymer £10 bank note featuring Jane Austen replaced the old paper £10 in September Credit REUTERS Chris J Ratcliffe Pool

The old paper £10 note will no longer be legal tender from 1 March 2018, the Bank of England has announced.

A spokesperson for the Royal Bank of Scotland said: "The intention is that the Scottish note issuing banks, Bank of Scotland, Clydesdale Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland, will withdraw their paper £10 notes at the same time as Bank of England on 1 March 2018".

They have been in circulation since 7 November 2000 and feature a portrait of Charles Darwin.

On March 1st, 2018, the United Kingdom will use only a new £10 note, and the old paper notes will no longer be legal tender after that date.

The Jane Austen notes have a number of features built in that make them particularly hard to forge.

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Its introduction followed the new £5 note, which went into circulation in September 2016, and caused controversy because of traces of tallow, a product derived from animal fats, contained in the notes (it's also in the tenner).

The innovative polymer is more secure and durable in comparison with an old note, depicting Mr Darwin, one of the greatest personality in England's history. Approximately 359 million paper £10 notes are estimated to still be in circulation.

The new tenner, featuring a picture of author Jane Austin, is the first Bank of England note with a tactile feature to help blind and partially-sighted users.

The new plastic notes are considered tear-proof, waterproof and expected to last around five years.

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