Most Americans Plan to Shop on Black Friday — Ebates Holiday Survey

NATION-NOW     Shopping for an iPhone? These stores offer $200-$300 discounts for Black Friday     
       IPhone deal $200-$300 discounts at these stores

NATION-NOW Shopping for an iPhone? These stores offer $200-$300 discounts for Black Friday IPhone deal $200-$300 discounts at these stores

The holiday season kicks off with a celebration that is supposed to remind us of all the wonderful things that have crossed our paths throughout the year.


Cyber Monday is always the Monday after Black Friday.

Black Friday is still going to see more sales than Thanksgiving, both online and offline, but Thanksgiving may have the better doorbusters.

Most retailers are quiet on what deals they're releasing, but we expect to see savings of around 20 - 50%.

Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday combined saw retailers gobble up $8.3 billion in online sales last year, and they are hoping for even bigger numbers this year.

Despite the controversy about stores remaining open on Thanksgiving, 49% of American adults will shop that day, but more will be shopping online or via a mobile device, at 33%, than will be shopping in store, at 30%. Last year, a NerdWallet study found that some stores inflated the amount of certain Black Friday discounts to make deals appear better than they actually were. They're deeply discounted products that are available for only a limited window of time - usually on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday.

Even as department stores struggle and people turn increasingly online for their shopping, Black Friday popularity shows little sign of winding down. Beginning with Thanksgiving Day and extending sales to Cyber Monday, Wal-Mart excludes themselves from any price matching what-so-ever.

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Also new this year, Target will be offering free shipping on holiday items.

Many big retailers will be leaving their discounts up all weekend and finishing in a blaze of glory on November 27 A.K.A Cyber Monday. Cornering the online market, Amazon offers some of the best deals around, using retailers from all over the world. Only rookies head out on Black Friday unprepared.

Tom Zimmer, 67, of Shamokin, was walking through the Susquehanna Valley Mall on Monday and vowed he will not be shopping on Thanksgiving, regardless of the deals stores offer. Fortunately, today you don't need to get out of the house on any of those days, and you can shop on the internet whenever you want.

It's important to do your research and be sure that you really are getting a good deal rather than taking the store's word for it when they say it's the best price.

Make sure the website of the site you are purchasing from is encrypted with "https://" in the URL. They will allude to your order being "stuck in transit", and urge you to click on a link and/or input information, such as a credit card or Social Insurance number.

Do you have favorite retailers?

Many retailers will offer a special reduction, deal or sale on their online store on Cyber Monday only applicable to items bought online. Make sure you have a full tank of gas in your auto, as you could be at a stand-still... idling in very heavy traffic.

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