Same-sex marriage laws slated for Thursday

Australian Parliament will debate same-sex marriage 'within days' if Yes vote wins

Dean Smith Will Introduce His Same-Sex Marriage Bill Within Hours Of A “Yes” Vote

Nevertheless, discussions are well under underway as to how same-sex marriage might be legislated.

Liberal senator Dean Smith has lodged a notice of motion for the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Bill to be brought on, one day after the result of the national survey is released. Support for SSM was highest in the ACT, with a 74%/26% yes/no split, while NSW was the lowest, at 57.8%/42.2%, while 133 of 150 electorates in the lower house returned a majority yes vote.

It was drafted with support from Labor and some crossbenchers including the Greens, which means it is likely to pass through the Senate, with senators allowed a free vote, rather than being asked to vote along party lines.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has declared a Yes vote in the same-sex marriage survey will have people see "Parliament at its best" as he seeks to play down divisions among his MPs over new religious protections.

In supporting the bill, Attorney-General George Brandis said it would give effect to the wishes of the Australian people and delivered on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's promise. "Let's get this done so we can all move forward as a fairer and more inclusive nation", Greenwich said.

The debate will continue the week of 27 November, with amendments reserved for that week.

"Australians believe in a fair go for all - this Bill goes completely against what people have voted for".

Debate on the Bill begins tomorrow and resumes when Parliament returns in the last week of this month.

Gay West Australian Liberal senator Dean Smith holds'Yes stamp designs after introducing the Marriage Amendment Bill into parliament
Gay West Australian Liberal senator Dean Smith holds'Yes stamp designs after introducing the Marriage Amendment Bill into parliament

Any amendments to the bill will be reserved for that sitting week.

Conservatives who backed the Paterson Bill are now shifting their focus to amendments on the Smith Bill, in recognition they do not have the numbers in Parliament.

"I think fundamentally we know what the law change is required to look like..."

It will be supported by Labor and the Greens even though the minor party plans to present amendments.

"The Bill proposed by Senator Paterson could potentially go as far as denying couples who have had sex or children before marriage, divorced people and same-sex couples everything from flowers at anniversaries to vaccines for honeymoons".

Mr Shorten said the only delay would be from conservatives who say that marriage equality offends religious freedom.

"It seems to be the Green/Labor/Dean Smith bill, whereas the James Paterson bill is a true embrace of classical liberal values", he said. "They have voted for love, they have voted for fairness, they have voted for commitment, they have voted for respect", he said.

It would also protect anyone voicing or acting on a belief that marriage should only be between a man and a woman from discrimination and vilification laws.

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