Here's KRK's review on Vidya Balan's 'Tumhari Sulu'


Here's KRK's review on Vidya Balan's 'Tumhari Sulu'

While interacting on a panel, Vidya stated that Tumhari Sulu is all about of self discovery of a woman. She has remedy for everyone, in her own unique style- be it a cocky cab driver in love with two sisters at the same time or the lonely widower who just wants to hum along with her- Sulu has the ability to connect with people across ages. There are no striking scenes and locations in the movie that linger over, except when Sulu's son goes missing and the panic-stricken parents frantically search for him.

Special mention to the art direction of the film, from a charger hanging from the socket to a double bed placed in the bedroom, from wet clothes drying on the ropes in the balcony to a simple wooden dining table in the corner of the drawing room, Sulu has a pure depiction of a middle class life of an ordinary working couple. With Vidya Balan headlining the project, all of this may not sound too ambitious.

Sulochana Dubey or Sullu ( Vidya Balan) is a regular housewife grappling with everyday mundane life.

As her career soars, her personal life takes a dip as she is unable to juggle the two roles- that of a flawless housewife and another of the careerist woman- perfectly. Sulu is someone you already known in real life.

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Balan matches the writing by giving us enough space to ridicule Sulu, but ensuring at all times that she is a person and not a parody. How many actors get to play themselves in their first film-you are lucky RJ Albeli (she plays that in the movie). After all, the entire "saree-vali bhabhi late night show" is the brain of Neha's character who is the producer of a Radio channel whereas Maliska will be playing her usual self.

The sensitivity in the characterisation of Sulu is paralleled by the writing of her response to the men who call into her radio show: she makes no blanket assumptions about them, she cleverly and smoothly snubs the ones who try to take her for a ride, but is humane with those who do not. Vidya's Sulu is endearing, innocent and whole lot of fun. The songs have a vintage charm to them, and add to the overall pleasant effect of the film. Certain moments make you smile.

Tumhari Sulu has a light touch, but it is not a non-serious film. Manav has stepped into the shoes of Vidya balan's onscreen husabnd - Ashok.

But will the film be able to break the monotony at box office or will Vidya have to wait for another film to finally deliver a hit, this quirky review will give you the answer!

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