Google Slams Banhammer On Rogue Google Play Apps With Lockscreen Ads

Google Pixel 2 XL

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That way you can stream Netflix videos, or check your Facebook messages, without worrying about an app such as Spotify downloading tracks using your mobile data.

"The app that blew us away this year - cleverly conceived, beautifully designed, and wonderfully useful", Google said.

A "Next Billion Users" unit formed by Google chief executive Sundar Pichai set to work on Datally about two years ago, after traveling the world and finding that the cost of mobile data services was a vexation, especially in places where budgets are tight and smartphones are the main way people go online.

Developers in both Google Play and non-Play app markets have to abide by these new guidelines on handling user data and disclosure.

Google is taking aim at the "next billion" internet users with a way to stop smartphone apps from needlessly burning through costly mobile data allowances.

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The app helps users keep tabs on their data usage, broken down by the hour of the day, or segregated by apps. Datally will detect and show you which app is using the most data on your phone and what time the data is getting used up.

The app also has a Data Saver bubble feature that blocks data use from background apps, except for the active ones.

Datally also alerts users about nearby public Wi-Fi or other free Internet connection outlets, helping them save some more on their data plan.

If you're not entirely aware of how much data you're using, seeing the amount front and centre might serve as a wake-up call, or help you determine when you should (or shouldn't) be streaming She's Gotta Have It on your morning commute. Like their other app Waze, Datally can also collect user ratings to provide an accurate picture of network speeds in the area.

One of the disadvantages of Android being an open operating system is that app developers can pretty much mess with the core experience in any way they want.

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