Consuming cheese every day may reduce heart stroke risk

Calcium-rich food could reduce the risk of fatal heart attacks and stroke

Calcium-rich food could reduce the risk of fatal heart attacks and stroke

Chowing down on a daily portion of 40 grams can slash the chances of developing heart disease by a staggering 14 per cent, reports The Sun.

A team of global researchers lead by Reading University revealed in April that eating dairy does not raise the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

Eating cheese promotes the growth of the level of "good" cholesterol and reduce the number of "bad" cholesterol in the blood, which is beneficial to the vascular system.

As a recent study suggested that if one consumes cheese daily in meals then the chances of getting heart diseases reduces.

While cheese does contain a high content of saturated fatty acids - something you definitely want to avoid eating in large quantities - the calcium in cheese means less of the fat is absorbed by the body. In addition, a number of substances in the cheese to prevent clogged arteries.

While it may be easier to reach for a cheese slice or to melt some grated cheese, Joel Feren from the Dietitian's Association of Australia explained to Body and Soul that there are healthier options.

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In a report on their findings, researchers said that cheese is high in fat but it also contains potentially beneficial nutrients. In total, the results drew data from around 200,000 people worldwide.

The Chinese research was produced through an analysis of 15 studies on cheese and heart risk.

If you are the one who loves to eat cheese every day then it will put on a longer life on you.

Scientists at Reading University said their findings questioned years of public health advice on limiting dairy foods intake. Are you a cheese fan and do you think it could actually be better for your health?

Young people, especially young women, risk bone damage and osteoporosis by drinking too little milk, which can also deprive them of calcium.

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