Google adds more browsing security to your Android device

Google adds more browsing security to your Android device
       By John Hoff

Google adds more browsing security to your Android device By John Hoff

If Google flags an app or site, the webmasters can get guidance on the Search Console about the remediation and resolution of the warning. All that users will see is a warning, and one that doesn't quite stop them from using the app in the first place.

Google is introducing changes to its Safe Browsing policies, requiring Android apps to display their own privacy warning if they collect users' personal data. In the case of apps that are made available through other software repositories, Google says that the warning will be added to an app's website instead.

If an app handles either personal data (phone number, e-mail) or device data (such as IMEI number), developers will have to both prompt the user, and include a privacy policy in the app. They will also have to expressly ask for consent to share the data; while also highlight how the information will be used. Afterwards, website administrators and app publishers will be able to view any data collection strikes. This will apply at all times; for instance, the list of installed apps on your device can not be sent from your device during a crash report without consent. The app's privacy policy must also be displayed within the application. If the data is not functional to the working of the app, an explanation will be required so that the user can choose to give or not give access. The app is available in the Play Store for phones running Android 5.0 and above. To gain consent, the user will need to tap to accept or tick a check-box.

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Called Datally, the new app from Google will let users tackle down data consumption by making them better aware of the app and time based consumption of data. The apps will be considered to violate Google's policy if they don't follow the rules for prominent disclosure.

The warning came in a set of revised Safe Browsing rules and focused on unwanted and harmful mobile behavior posted on Friday. App developers caught by the new Safe Browsing warnings can request an app review on the App Verifications and Appeals support page.

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