The Philippines halts dengue vaccine program after company learns of health risk

Dengue vaccine vials

Sanofi confirms suspected safety issue with dengue vaccine

Sanofi's Dengvaxia vaccine is the world's first approved shot for preventing dengue infection, which kills about 20,000 people a year and infects hundreds of millions.

There have been no reported deaths in the Philippines related to a suspended dengue vaccine made by Sanofi, an official from the pharmaceutical company said on Monday.

A spokesman for the Health Sciences Authority in Singapore on Thursday said it was working with Sanofi Pasteur to "strengthen the package insert" to include the warning of an increased risk of hospitalisation for dengue and clinically severe dengue in vaccinated individuals not previously infected by dengue. Ruby Dizon, a medical director at the French firm.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that the world's first dengue vaccine, Dengvaxia, is not distributed or used by any health facility either in the public or private sector in this country.

"For those not previously infected by dengue virus, however, the analysis found that in the longer term, more cases of severe disease could occur following vaccination upon a subsequent dengue infection", the company said in a statement.

He said there are now no reports of severe dengue infection among those vaccinated.

Sanofi Pasteur said Dengvaxia did provide persistent protective benefit in those who had previously had dengue. Dr. Nevio Zagaria, WHO country representative in Yemen, told Reuters that 16 percent of Yemeni children under the age of five suffer from acute malnutrition, including 5.2 percent with a severe form that is life-threatening, and the problem is increasing.

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He added: "The vaccination program is not a clinical trial and Pinoys are not guinea pigs".

Sanofi said it would ask health officials to update information provided to physicians and patients.

More than 730,000 children could be at risk after being given a vaccine which could make Dengue fever worse.

In 2016, the DOH launched the dengue vaccination initiative in Regions III, IV-A and National Capital Region-the three highly endemic regions. Those at risk are some 70,000 children who were vaccinated.

Aguirre called on the parents of the children vaccinated with Dengavia to reach out to the NBI to help with the probe.

The Department of Justice, as well as Sen.

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