ISS astronauts throw pizza party in zero gravity

Zero gravity pizza anyone? ISS astronauts show you how it's done- Watch

Image courtesy NASA YouTube

That's a long time to go without one of his favorite foods. NASA's Kirk Shireman, the manager of the ISS program, made sure to send all the ingredients for a pizza party along with the most recent Cygnus resupply ship.

He wrote in a tweet that the crew had a blast channeling their inner chef by building tasty pizzas for movie night.

While all astronauts crave pizza in space, it has been a particularly tough 4 months for Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli.

"When you really, really miss CASUALLY mention it to the International Space Station Boss during a live public event".

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The video uploaded by NASA's Johnson Space Center displays the crew working together to make pizzas.

The crew used a variety of ingredients including flatbread, tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, olives, olive oil, anchovy paste, and pesto.

Nespoli and Bresnik are members of the Expedition 53 team, a collection of astronauts aboard the space station studying things like cosmic rays, the production of fiber optic material in space, and how space affects rodents' bodies.

It shows astronauts playfully using the lack of gravity to spin the pizza on their fingers and pass them in front of the camera.

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