Austria Constitutional Court strikes down law banning same-sex marriage

Austria makes same-sex marriage legal

Austria has officially legalised same-sex marriage

The ruling noted that same-sex couples have increasingly been granted rights equal to those of married, heterosexual couples since civil partnerships were permitted in 2010.

In a statement made in light of its decision, the court said that "the distinction between marriage and civil partnerships can no longer be maintained without discriminating against same-sex couples".

They continued: "Because the separation into two legal institutions expresses that people with same-sex sexual orientation are not the same people with different sexual orientation". Australia aims to pass a law to this effect early next month after 62 percent of voters favored marriage equality in a national survey.

The Constitutional Court took up the issue following a complaint from two women who were already in a partnership but were refused permission to enter a formal marriage by authorities in Vienna.

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There are four additional marriage cases that are now before the court. A marriage between women and men needs protection as only these partnerships can create children, he said. It's a refreshingly inclusive judgment'. The center-left Social Democrats, who lead the outgoing government, are in favor.

Austria's constitutional court examined a 2009 law that allows registered partnerships for same-sex couples but prevents them from getting married. "Marriage - and especially divorce - legislation is very old-fashioned and anachronistic in Austria, which is the reason why HOSI Wien only demanded marriage for all under the pre-condition of a complete reform of marriage laws".

The Associated Press reports that in doing so, Austria joins 15 different Western European countries where same-sex marriage is allowed.

Austria's decision brings Europe one step closer to marriage equality acceptance, joining other nations like Spain, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, that have already passed similar legislations.

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