Experts Offer Tips For Those Buying 'Real' Christmas Trees

Experts Offer Tips For Those Buying 'Real' Christmas Trees

Experts Offer Tips For Those Buying 'Real' Christmas Trees

The business started when Billy and his wife went to purchase a live tree over 35 years ago.

When it comes to holiday decorating, one big question that arises each year is whether real or artificial Christmas trees are the better choice. "You know it's all about personal preference" says Johnson. However, Harry Yates of Yates Christmas Tree Farm of Boone and a member of the North Carolina Christmas Tree Association, says that while there is a tree shortage, it's not because of a reduction in the number of trees.

The Home Depot will partner with Christmas Tree Santas to give more than 150 Christmas trees to local families in need.

Although most cut Christmas trees come from a tree farm, where they are grown specifically to be cut down for the holiday season, some families have a tradition of searching out and cutting their own tree on public lands or private property, but either way, once the tree is cut, its days are numbered.

Home Depot will also be donating ornaments, tree stands and lights along with the trees.

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A six-foot fir tree could take seven to eight years to grow. Always place the tree on a roof rack or in a pickup bed with the bottom of the trunk facing the front of the vehicle. Depending on the size of the pot, anywhere from one to three trays of ice cubes can be placed on the surface of the soil, where they will melt and gradually water the tree. A potted tree will dry out faster than one in the soil, so regular watering is a necessity, as is periodic re-potting to a larger container to allow for growth, and the fact that the roots are sitting in a pot above ground rather than in the ground may mean that additional protection is required in cold climates.

No matter what tree you get, when the season is over and it's turned into firewood or mulch, it's the memories at the farm that won't disintegrate. Ask the tree nursery for their guidance on specific instructions for the variety you choose. It's best to transport a Christmas tree on top of a vehicle equipped with a roof rack.

And according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, road debris - which could include objects like improperly secured Christmas trees that fly off cars, landing on the road or on other cars - was responsible for more than 200,000 crashes that resulted in 39,000 injuries and 500 deaths over the past four years.

A few cuts with a chain saw, and the tree is ready for Florida.

Artificial trees had a lot to do with the planning process. As Queen Victoria was considered a trendsetter during her time, the popularity of Christmas tree spread in Britain and the East Coast of America. If you have sneezing fits around Christmas trees, the cause is less likely to be the tree and more likely to be mold spores on the tree, according to CR. And if you do insist on having a real one, make sure you keep your inhaler close at hand.

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