Akash Dadlani Fails To Make Arshi Khan And Shilpa Shinde Patch Up

Hina Khan in Bigg Boss 11

Akash Dadlani Fails To Make Arshi Khan And Shilpa Shinde Patch Up

The housemates had to act as babysitters and were given the responsibility of each other's doll. The fate of the captain of the house lied in the hands of baby sitters this time. However, in the last episode, we saw that the actor is not interested in mending her friendship with Arshi.

Akash later, tries to sort things out between Arshi and Shilpa, but fails again.

The first round of the task is complete, and Shilpa has some fun by making Priyank and Luv's doll sleep together.

Angered by this, Vikas entered the bedroom and took the doll down. Akash also sided with Vikas, saying that this wasn't appropriate. All grouping inside Bigg Boss House demolished and regrouping starts. Arshi tells Hina that Hiten wanted to make Vikas the captain.

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Hiten says that he is okay with being called spineless.

Arshi raised her doubts over Vikas' loyalty towards her and Hiten.

But if you thought the makers were satified with the electic mix of contestants already locked in the house, then think again. Shilpa Shinde's brother Ashutosh Shinde, Hina Khan's boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal and Vikas Gupta's Siddharth will be entering the house. On the buzzer, Hiten goes to the parking but Vikas blocks his path. Hiten doesnt retaliate. Arshi was one of the Gharwalas who hadn't been able to become the leader of the house she had a habit of abandoning hard tasks and then spending a day in the Kaal Kothari as a punishment. Inside, Hiten taunts Akash that he lost like a loser. Shilpa intervenes but Akash doesnt listen. Meanwhile, Akash and Shilpa are now nominated and it is reported that one of them will be sent to the secret room. Puneesh was also with them and the trio was talking in the garden area. Akash apologises to Shilpa for trying to make amends. This is when Shilpa tells him that they shouldn't fight and he forcibly kisses Shilpa on the cheek. However, Akash aplogised for his impulsive reaction and the matter cooled off without any serious arguement. Vikas tells Arshi if she becomes the captain, then she has to save Puneesh from nominations.

Bigg Boss 11 drama becomes ugly as friends turn against each other.

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