House clears bill easing gun diminution

House clears bill easing gun diminution

House clears bill easing gun diminution

"The truth is that concealed carry laws save lives", said Mr. Ryan, Wisconsin Republican.

The Air Force has acknowledged that the Texas shooter, Devin P. Kelley, should have had his name and domestic violence conviction submitted to the National Criminal Information Center database. A bad conduct discharge is not the same as a dishonorable one, which would have barred Kelley from purchasing firearms.

The bill passed mostly along party lines, 231-198, with six Democrats supporting it.

The House-approved bill retains private individual, state or local government ability to restrict the possession of concealed firearms on certain property. Someone who gets a gun in Vermont, one of 12 states that allow people to carry concealed weapons without a permit, would be able to also carry it concealed in neighboring NY, a state where it's much more hard to get a license and where other states' permits aren't now recognized. It now goes to the Senate. "And the priority should be to treat gun violence as a public health issue and strength those laws - not to pass laws that further at risk the safety of people in our communities". It's time for our federal government to secure the Constitutional right of law-abiding citizens to hide carry across state lines.

Rep. Elizabeth Esty, D-Conn., called the bill an attempt to undermine states' rights. "Unfortunately, they are misleading well-meaning members of Congress with these false and inaccurate talking points". One would fill in holes in the National Criminal Instant Background Check system (NCIS) that were highlighted after a mass shooting at a Texas church last month, in which the gunman, a former Air Force member, was able to buy guns even though he had a criminal record that the military failed to report to the database. They also include punishments, such as stripping bonuses from political appointees, for states and agencies that don't fully comply.

"I'm a gun owner".

"Weak Republicans always push gun control laws under the guise of 'enforcing the laws we have, ' but only end up pushing the Democrat agenda, giving gun owners more reasons to worry", he said.

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Katie Wilson, a Democrat who is seeking her party's nomination to unseat Stefanik, criticized the lawmaker and said the legislation would allow guns in classrooms. Instead, he said, the bill's attempt to gather all of the records required under current law, which dates back almost a decade, is the problem.

"The FIX-NICS bill does not expand prohibited categories in any way", Dalseide told the Free Beacon.

"Just so we're clear: #HR38, the first major piece of gun legislation we're considering this year, after the worst mass shooting in USA history, is a bill that allows people to carry hidden, loaded handguns ANYWHERE in the USA, regardless of state laws".

It now heads to the Senate, where it'll be more of an uphill battle given the 60-vote threshold.

"National Concealed Carry Reciprocity has been in the making for 30 years and we are on the cusp of making it a reality".

"We are in the thick of the legislative process and a so-called 'pro-gun group, ' which is nothing more than a fundraising entity, is spreading lies about the FIX NICS legislation that was attached to the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act", Lars Dalseide, a spokesperson for the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action, told the Washington Free Beacon.

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