Love Jihad : Labourer hacked and burnt alive in Rajasthan

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Horrific video shows man warning 'jihadists' as he hacks Muslim labourer and burns his body

According to India Today, in a second video, Raigar confessed to the crime and said he is ready to surrender.

"During preliminary investigations, we have come to know that one of the videos in which Regar makes the inflammatory statements was shot in a local temple a little while after he murdered Afrazul", said additional director-general of police, crime, Pankaj Kumar Singh.

The term has been popularised by radical Hindu fringe groups, who accuse Muslim men of participating in a "conspiracy to turn Hindu women from their religion by seducing them". Regar was seen saying that those who indulge in "love jihad" would meet the same fate, said Times Now report.

The entire incident happened on Dev heritage road in Rajnagar area of Rajsamand. The senior police officials found a badly disfigured body when reached the location. A team of FSL, dog squad was summoned. Internet services have also been suspended in the district to avoid circulation of the video.

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From the location of the murder, an agriculture equipment used in the murder and the dead man's bike and slippers were found. It stated that the victim, Mohammed Bhatta Shaikh, who is from West Bengal, was living with a woman with whom Raigar was in relationship with earlier. An attempt was made to burn the victim by putting kerosene on him.

The police had been conducting its investigations.

Surprisingly, in another video, which is also going viral, Raigar, is seen justifying his act.

Similarly, other TV channels have reported the matter without questioning the phrase "love jihad" itself, taking it for granted, accepting the meaning as the peddlers of Hindutva would have it. The video shows the murderer catching the victim unaware and pinning him to the ground before hacking him with a crude weapon and eventually setting him on fire.

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