Pokemon Go Claims That PvP and Trading Are Still Planned

Pokémon GO Adds 50 Generation 3 Pokémon and Weather Effects

Pokemon Go Claims That PvP and Trading Are Still Planned

The first major addition, coming later in the week, is fifty Generation Three Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire.

The real news here, though, is the upcoming addition of 50 new Pokemon to the game's current roster. In other words, prepare to walk around with your phone out in the rain and snow. Players can now catch Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, and much more.

Starting today, Pokemon trainers will be able to scour the world for a number of Pokemon from the Hoenn region in Niantic, Inc. and The Pokemon Company's popular augmented reality mobile game Pokemon GO.

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Remember back when Pokemon GO was literally the most popular thing on the planet? So, start preparing those PokeBalls, Berries, and other paraphernalia. This weather change will also influence the characteristics of Pokemon whose behavior changes with the weather. It's going to be a whole new game mechanic that will add a new dimension to the gameplay. As far as the dynamic real-world weather system is concerned, it will mimic the individual player's local weather conditions in the game environment thereby giving a more realistic touch to the gaming interface. That said, there are six different weather types available clear, rain, cloudy, fog, snow, and windy. Furthermore, game developers will also incorporate outside weather conditions.

One reason why some fans may not be too upset about the lack of Pokemon trading is that the feature isn't being implemented how many expected. Regardless, Pokemon trading was promised since before the game launched, so hopefully Niantic prioritizes it and PvP battles for release in 2018. "W$3 e definitely felt the need to bring out the Hoenn region Pokemon, so that became the focus, and dynamic weather came through that".

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