This year's YouTube Rewind video is quite the ride

In the seven-minute video titled “Shape of 2017”,YouTube has revealed the biggest trends videos and memes that went viral on its platform this year

This year's YouTube Rewind video is quite the ride

It's YouTube's turn at summarizing 2017, and it just posted its top trending and music videos. which aren't necessarily what you'd expect.

The masked performer was a contestant on Thailand's aptly named singing competition show "The Mask Singer".

YouTube determined its top trending videos based on time spent watching, sharing, commenting, liking and other metrics. Facebook in May said it would hire 3,000 more people to review videos and posts, and, later, another 1,000 to review ads after discovering Russian ads meant to influence the US presidential election.

- This 12-year-old singing ventriloquist's awesome performance on "America's Got Talent".

The most popular movie trailer of the year in Ireland, for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, also has an Irish connection through featuring Skellig Michael. Farmer went on to be crowned champion of the season when it finished in September.

Steam Suspends Support For Bitcoin Payments
Valve's shirking of bitcoin is another development in a broader debate about the usefulness of the cryptocurrency. But transactions can often take longer than the Bitcoin Network guarantees the value of the currency.

Akash Dadlani Fails To Make Arshi Khan And Shilpa Shinde Patch Up
But if you thought the makers were satified with the electic mix of contestants already locked in the house, then think again. Meanwhile, Akash and Shilpa are now nominated and it is reported that one of them will be sent to the secret room.

Canada canceling purchase of new Boeing fighter jets
Department of Defence said in September that the contract for the Super Hornets could be worth up to $6.4-billion. The funding allowed Bombardier to significantly lower the cost per aircraft, Boeing argued.

And, if snagging top place wasn't good enough - Mick made it into the list twice, with the original upload of the song coming in at sixth.

Not surprising, however, is that the list is dominated by Irish music - claiming the top four spots. We gathered to watch as April the Giraffe gave birth to her baby, Tajiri, live in front of an audience of 1.2 million, setting a new record for the most popular livestream on YouTube.

- A hilarious, bad lip reading of Donald Trump's inauguration. To that end, it will create a regular report in 2018 offering more data about the flags it receives, as well as the actions being taken to remove both videos and comments that violate its guidelines. Every minute, more than 400 hours of video are shared on YouTube.

This mini-film about a boy who follows his heart is the first animated short to make the list since 2011.

Wojcicki said YouTube was taking a "new approach to advertising", with more manual curation, stricter criteria for videos eligible to show ads, and a greater number of ad reviewers.

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