Trump Will Undergo Medical Checkup At Beginning Of The Year

US President Donald Trump center holds a Cabinet Meeting in the Cabinet Room at the White House in Washington DC

US President Donald Trump center holds a Cabinet Meeting in the Cabinet Room at the White House in Washington DC

Dry throat caused President Donald Trump to slur his words during Wednesday's speech announcing he will move the USA embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders insisted at Thursday's press briefing.

Trump's vocal stumble lit up Twitter with users assuming he was suffering from health problems or questioning if he has false teeth, which led to "Daily Show" host Trevor Noah launching the #Donalddentures handle.

Trump similarly slurred some words in a November speech after he returned from China.

Sanders' remarks came after criticism of Trump's slurred speech during a foreign policy announcement Wednesday.

The slippage appeared to indicate a sliding lower plate, which led to speculation as to whether the president has gone on record as wearing dentures instead of opting for more permanent - and convenient - dental implants.

While some said that the president might have suffered a mini stroke, which caused the slurring.

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Watch Noah's bit above and Trump's Jerusalem speech below. "It's like someone hit him with a blow dart just before he went out to make the speech".

Noah added: "Oh man!" He said there's no shame in having dentures, but, "there is shame in Donald Trump having dentures".

"That super-bright smile you described is (most likely) not a result of teeth whitening and we agree that Trump's teeth are too white and therefore look fake", it added. "At this point, I wouldn't be shocked to find out he is the dude from 'Men in Black, '" Noah said jokingly.

In a September 2016 television appearance on "Dr. Oz", Trump said he does not work out but considers his speeches to be exercise. "I really enjoy doing it", Trump said. "We're live when Trump addresses a joint session of Congress for the "Shshh" of the Union".

It was not yet known if the president wears dentures or any other orthodontic device.

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