Overwatch's Winter Wonderland event returns December 12

Overwatch's Winter Wonderland event returns December 12

Overwatch's holiday event returns next week with new Mei-focused mode

It appears that Blizzard has listened and that this skin will be coming to the Winter Wonderland event that drops next week.

The snowy versions of King's Row and Hanamura will be back for Return to Winter Wonderland, and the Black Forest will also get an icy remodel.

Kaplan also hinted at the arrival of a new, "long-awaited" Hanzo skin, previously seen in one of the Overwatch comics. We'll probably hear (and see) more of those skins over the weekend, so sit tight for that. Get ready to open those loot boxes. Any new outfit or additional cosmetic from 2017 is always at a higher cost. All of them can be purchased for a heavily reduced price that falls in line with the core Overwatch skins. Both Ecopoint Antartica and the Black Forest will receive Christmas overlays to fit with this theme. Called Mei's Yeti Hunt, it features five Meis teaming up to beat one "yeti", here played by our favorite gorilla scientist Winston.

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In each match's early goings, Winston has to elude the crack team of adorable, infuriating ice assassins and collect power-ups until he can go into primal rage mode, at which point the tables turn.

All in all, Mei's Yeti Hunt sounds like a blast. As happened a year ago, the winter holiday event, Overwatch Winter Wonderland will also take place this month, bringing a new PvE mode, new skins, and cosmetics for all Overwatch Heroes.

Jeff also took the time to confirm this mode is fun, sill, and not competitive enough to be part of Overwatch League, sadly. When the Yeti is defeated, the group of Meis wins, whereas if a certain number of Meis die, the Winston player wins.

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