Trump signs proclamation for Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Pearl Harbor Dec. 7 1941. Courtesy  WWII Foundation

Pearl Harbor Dec. 7 1941. Courtesy WWII Foundation

Thursday is the 76th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

In thinking about the lessons of Pearl Harbor, Larry said he hopes 'we can build up the military again'. Against the backdrop of the Trump administration's travel ban targeting travelers from mostly Muslim-majority countries, World War II-era propaganda and signs remind us what happens when an entire group of people is scapegoated during a time of conflict.

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, is located near the center of the Pacific Ocean, roughly 2,000 miles from the USA mainland and about 4,000 miles from Japan.

"This event is very special and it's the kind of event that you want to participate in whenever possible because it's one of the very few programs to honor veterans that we have in Lafayette", Rodney Hamilton, Purple Heart Recipient.

President Donald Trump today honored Baldwinsville native Lawrence Parry, a veteran who survived the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.

"I was on the other side of the island, and I heard blasts", he said of the sneak attack by the Japanese Empire. "It's fantastic how many people come up and thank me for my service".

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"It's a real pleasure to come out here and join them", said retired Army Col. Frederick Clinton, who fought across the French and German fronts in 1944-1945.

Bell thought the over 5,000 miles separating him and Pearl Harbor was far enough that he didn't have to worry, but he was wrong. It happened at 7:55 a.m., the same time the attack began on December 7, 1941. "Heroes whose honor, courage and commitment amidst adversity continues to inspire generations of American service members today".

It was a day of remembrance at Kenosha's Navy Memorial Park.

"On that destroyer we were at Normandy on D-DAY, shelling the coast and we did quite a bit of shelling off the coast and getting shelled back", said Joe Battista. At 8:10, a 1,800-pound bomb smashed through the deck of the battleship USS Arizona and landed in her forward ammunition magazine.

Immediately after the Pearl Harbor attack, and the declaration of war, plans were altered to turn the hotel into a full-fledged hospital. Our military fought a great fight, and we were victorious. Soon after, the USA was fully involved in World War II.

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