AppleCare+ for iMac Pro Costs $169

If you max out all of Apple's hardware offerings-which would give you a 2.3GHz 18-core Intel Xeon processor, 128 GB of memory, 4 TB of storage, and a 16 GB Radeon graphics card-the machine jumps to $13,199.

If a big and powerful new computer was on your holiday wish list this year, you might just have something new to consider. Built for professionals who require heavy duty workloads on their computers, the iMac Pro comes with a extremely premium price tag, but shouldn't disappoint its users at all.

I don't deny that there is a business opportunity for an across the board, non-upgradeable "professional" machine.

If our exclamation points aren't giving it away, that is a tremendous amount of computing power in a 27 inch design, though it's one that will need the right software to take advantage of.

The launch of Apple's iMac Pro should help this momentum continue, for several reasons. So I have had an opportunity to see a pack of extremely great exhibitions.

If you're interested in picking up the iMac Pro, it is available to order today starting at $4,999. We tuned in to tunes with a genuinely inept number of instrument tracks play along without spiking the 10 centers (20, in the event that you check the hyperthreading).

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We saw a virtuoso exhibit of 3D displaying in VR, diversion motors reapplied to purposes like engineering rendering where whole woods could be glued into a monster, open field with no slack or loss of visual detail.

Veteran tech journalist Lance Ulanoff spent more time discussing Apple's various demos and applications, describing himself as sitting in "stunned disbelief" at what the new iMac Pro could accomplish (albeit with a 10-core CPU).

3D designers can visualize huge 3D models and render scenes up to 3.4 times faster.

iMac Pro: Should you buy one?

Indeed, obviously. It's the most capable Mac accessible today by a wide edge. You can order here.

First, Apple's Pro devices, including the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro, have been cited by management as key drivers behind the company's recent growth in Mac and iPad sales. Yeah, you can buy the "Garbage Can" Mac Pro or Mac mini, but those machines are outdated and not worth your money (a new Mac Pro is promised for the future). For $50 more, you can get a space gray Magic Trackpad 2 instead of a mouse, or you can pay an additional $129 to get both.

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