Hidden Red Dead Redemption 2 mission found in GTA Online code

Hidden Red Dead Redemption 2 mission found in GTA Online code

Hidden Red Dead Redemption 2 mission found in GTA Online code

Though we are still not-so-patiently waiting for the release ofRed Dead Redemption 2, at least we can have a small taste of it within the world ofGrand Theft Auto Online! "Red Dead" fans were able to catch a brief glimpse of the game in action back in October but they haven't stopped clamoring for more details. The Red Dead franchise is a cherished one, we'd like to see it done right versus rushed. Gamers who crack the code as well as complete the Headshot Challenge in Freemode will receive $250,000 in-game cash as well as the ability to unlock and use the firearm in Rockstar's upcoming (and highly anticipated title) Red Dead Redemption 2. Players can find it in GTA's Los Santos and use the gun to their heart's content. "Beating this challenge will unlock GTA$ and an exclusive variation of the weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2".

Elsewhere in the files, The Guru Team (via Kotaku) found some unused assets including a locked chest and a handwritten note.

The chest had Boles Overland Stagecoach Co.name and logo on it, which was also spotted in a "Red Dead Redemption 2" trailer. If you're ever struggling to find a clue in the highlighted region, just listen for the sound of bells chiming - they'll become louder as you get closer.

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Apparently, they found some coordinates within the code, and it looks like players will be required to track down these locations and take pictures of the spots. It says, "Treasure tore our family apart".

There was also an image of a hand-written note that spoke of treasure. There are 20 places on the GTA map that players will have to visit. And it looks like this hunt-which isn't live yet-will also answer the mystery of who is buried in that unmarked grave out in the middle of nowhere. One theory posited at the time was that it was the grave of John Marston.

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