Extending Bed Time with Extra 20 Minutes Could Limit Sugar Cravings

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A new study finds that the more we sleep the fewer sugary snacks we consume. It will not cost a single penny.

Without a proper sleep which is minimum 7 hours, one can feel exhausted and out of sorts the next day. The randomised controlled trial, which can be published inside the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, seemed over the feasibility of rising sleeping at adults who on average slept less than the recommended minimum for older people of hours.

This causes people who do not have adequate sleep add more weight because by staying up, the person is bound to eat much of about 385 calories daily. The study found that 86 percent of those in the sleep-consultation group ended up spending more time in bed, and half of them slept longer: between 52 and 90 minutes longer, to be exact.

Volunteers in the other group continued with their pattern of getting insufficient sleep. Three participants achieved a weekly average within the recommended seven to nine hours.

'Our results also suggest that increasing time in bed for an hour or so longer may lead to healthier food choices.

In the end, they got some unexpected outcomes. There were no significant diet differences shown in the group who did not change their sleeping habits during the study. They were also given a specific bedtime.

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Lead researcher, Haya Al Khatib, also from Kings College added: "Sleep duration and quality is an area of increasing public health concern and has been linked as a risk factor for various conditions".

The group has provided a chart which contained some suggestions to get better sleep.

Majority were able to increase the amount of time they slept by between 52 and 90 minutes a night through measures such as avoiding caffeine before bed, relaxing in the evening and not eating too much or too little before they put their heads down.

Getting more sleep resulted in a 10-gram (two-and-a-half teaspoons) reduction in reported intake of free sugars compared to baseline levels.

Senior study author Wendy Hall, a senior lecturer in the Department of Diabetes and Nutritional Sciences at King's College London stated that the fact that extending sleep led to a reduction in intake of added sugars, that means the sugars that are added to foods by manufacturers can be reduced inside the body through a proper sleep and it also suggests that a simple change in lifestyle can help people to consume healthier diets.

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