Group Voice Calls On WhatsApp Soon! Get Ready For Conference Calling


Group Voice Calls On WhatsApp Soon! Get Ready For Conference Calling

Additionally, the feature is unlikely to work in group voice calls.

This time, they have come up with a simple yet useful feature that will soon allow all Android users to seamlessly switch between a voice call and a video call.

If the user is making an audio call on WhatsApp, he/she can switch to video call by pressing the newly introduced camcorder icon. It is not a great way to instantly switch to video when you choose to. Recently, WhatsApp started testing a new feature which let the user import stories from their Instagram account and share it on WhatsApp.

In case the recipient doesn't accept the call request, WhatsApp will continue the voice call. In the code, it was discovered that, calling someone who is already on another call, sends a request to the server in order to check whether the user is busy in another group call.

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To maximize privacy in this feature, the developers have ensured that just because you click on the button will not immediately activate the video call. This consumes a lot of time, and WhatsApp - though late - has now realized that.

WhatsApp introduced a host of new features previous year.

However, the company says the new feature is now only available to people who have signed up to the beta version of WhatsApp, which is the testing platform for the makers. And, the button will switch your voice call to video call or vice versa. The process in the same when switching from video to voice call.

Ability to switch between Audio and Video calls. With the introduction of new features on Instagram and WhatsApp, the company is directly competing with Snapchat and has managed to earn more users due to the sheer number of monthly active users. On the other hand, it is unclear if iOS users will get the feature or not.

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