Facebook is testing a new section to emphasize local news

Facebook promises more community, fewer brand posts in significant shift

Facebook is testing a new section to emphasize local news

The users will get to go through local news on their go.

The move comes as part of the social network's Journalism Project announced in January past year which aimed to counter the spread of fake news on its platform and build out local news partnerships.

The test is now live for a new section called "Today In" in six U.S. cities, CNET reported on Thursday.

Facebook's News Partnerships team is spearheading the experiment, employing both human curators and machine learning to populate the content in the new sections. Tucked away in its own hidden corner of the app, Today In isn't prominent enough to be designed as a News Feed replacement or anything so radical - but that's kind of a shame.

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The project is part of Facebook's Journalism Project initiative, which it launched past year following the 2016 presidential election. The company plans to add the service to more cities, and let people choose to follow local news from other areas. There was a charge being circulated against Facebook that during the election season, a so-called fake news doing rounds on the social network was partially responsible for Donald Trump's unexpected victory, and so the tech giant was partly to blame for it.

It still remains to be seen that whether this section will benefit local publishers or not. The social network has been trying to weed out misinformation and hoaxes on the news feed, and has tried using third-party fact checkers to curb the problem.

According to a report by TechCrunch, Facebook is calling this feature "Today In" and testing it in select markets. The people in the six test cities are to be alerted by Facebook that the new feature has been brought in already, but after that, Facebook "Today In" will feature in the menu (☰) where Facebook sports several other lesser-used sections of the app.

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