Ultra Game Boy from Hyperkin puts Nintendo on notice

Ultra Game Boy from Hyperkin puts Nintendo on notice

Ultra Game Boy from Hyperkin puts Nintendo on notice

What do you make of the Ultra Game Boy?

Nintendo has tapped in to the millennial appetite for retro gaming by releasing shrunken versions of its original NES and SNES consoles, with built-in games, to huge success.

Tech site Gizmodo were the first to break the news about the return of the Game Boy and they say that the reboot product is now being called the Ultra Game Boy while it's in the process of development.

The original eight-bit Game Boy sold nearly 119 million units over its 14 year lifespan, and spawned a host of successor consoles.

Based on reports from CES 2018, the Ultra Game Boy will function more or less like Nintendo's original 1989 system. The Ultra GB is a modern take on the old Game Boy Pocket and runs classic cartridges from across the entire Game Boy library. If you want an authentic Game Boy experience though, you can turn off the backlight altogether.

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It has an aluminium body, a backlit LCD, 6 hour battery life, USB C charging, stereo speakers and it's aiming to be sold at less than $100 United States dollars.

The console features a back-lit LCD display, meaning users can play in the dark without needing to fit a classic Game Boy "snake-light". This will supposedly allow musicians to create chiptunes from Game Boy game's original audio files.

You'll also be able to play all of your original Game Boy games on it. Or eight years old in 2008 when the popularity of the Game Boy was at its highest. whichever.

A six-hour battery, rechargeable via USB Type-C cable, is the main one, alongside a backlit screen which can be turned up and down depending on how much of a sucker for punishment you intend to be. There won't be any pre-installed games like Nintendo's Classic Edition consoles.

"Hyperkin is hoping to have the Ultra Game Boy, or whatever it ends up being called, ready for late Summer this year, with a price point of under $100".

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