Amazon's Alexa Is Coming to Some Toyota and Lexus Cars

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Smoke alarm? Check. A $1,300 smart mirror?

To help you in this, Google has launched a new directory for Google Assistant.

Who needs a copy of Reader's Digest when Alexa is free for a chat, instead?

For the moment, voice competitors to Amazon and Google remain largely in the wings.

Google has made great strides with Assistant, but the search giant still has plenty of work to do to catch up with Amazon's Alexa.

With Alexa's entry to Windows 10 devices, the digital assistant now poses a greater threat to Siri and Google Assistant.

The breezy aide has also recently been adopted by two of the biggest TV brands - Sony and LG.

GOOGL stock hit all-time highs this month, but to keep the momentum, the company needs to overcome the Alexa problem.

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Google Assistant - the artificial intelligence software that powers Google Home - has expanded to more than 400 million different devices worldwide, according to Scott Huffman, vice president of engineering for Google Assistant.

Significantly, the aide is now compatible with smart displays including four devices shown off at CES. It allows users to do video calls with Google Duo, provides YouTube video access, and manages all connected devices in the home.

But the variety of devices packing Alexa certainly appears to be growing ever broader.

However, one manufacturer - Whirlpool - appeared unwilling to choose a favourite. The AI marketplace will showcase the application of AI in a wide range of areas, from robotic pet toys to obstacle-detecting cameras for self-driving cars. For example, you can preheat your oven by saying, "Alexa, tell Geneva to preheat the upper oven to 350". Google Assistant could also become a platform for buying products online.

And there could be trouble ahead for Amazon, he adds, when it attempts to take Alexa to markets beyond the USA and Europe.

Google is anxious that Alexa could threaten Google Assistant in overall market share.

Adam Wright, a tech analyst at IDC, agreed that the voice assistant show-down was now a "two-horse race".

This push could include a revamp of Google's online store, selling Alphabet products with Google Assistant front and center. "I think everyone is going to come out with glasses sooner or later", he said. In fact, Alexa is even starting to encroach on Cortana's turf by making its way onto some PCs. These upliftments are available to enhance Alexa experience. Samsung meanwhile is playing catch-up with its Bixby assistant.

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