Mike Tyson's Marijuana Ranch Is Going To Be A Giant 'Cannabis Resort'

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The former world champion boxer has broken ground on a planned 40-acre marijuana ranch in California. The location is close to Edwards Air Force Base and aims to create plenty of jobs for the community. "The site will set aside 20 acres for cultivation facilities that will "allow master growers to have maximum control of their environment", according to Tyson's partner Robert Hickman, who recently discussed the venture with The Blast".

The facility, unofficially titled Tyson Ranch, was uncovered on the same day the state of California celebrated the legalisation of marijuana as of January 1.

California City is expecting a big boom in cannabis production and development as the "Green Rush" hits California now that marijuana is officially legal as of midnight.

According to The Blast, the company which will run the ranch, Tyson Holistic, will focus on treating men and women who have suffered from psychological ailments during their military service. The athlete also plans on building the Tyson Cultivation School, which will teach growers the best ways to produce premium marijuana.

Tyson's name, of course, will brand the resort nestled in Southern California: it will be known as "Tyson Ranch".

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Tyson has a long public history with marijuana.

In addition to the above, the resort will feature high-end camping and cabin facilities, an amphitheater, hydro-feed plant and an edible factory. This provided Tyson, and others, the opportunity to sell the drug legally with a license.

Basically, Tyson Ranch is a weed-lover's amusement park.

Tyson was fined in 2000 for testing positive for marijuana, and he admitted in his 2013 memoir that he got high before all major fights he participated in.

He is said to be a long-time supporter of medical marijuana and its clinical uses.

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