Nintendo Direct Round-Up; Everything New Coming to Nintendo Switch

Summer will see the release of both the 2v2 fighting game SNK Heroines ~Tag Team Frenzy~ and action RPG Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. Remastered to Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, here's what you'll be able to play on your Nintendo Switch soon. It will offer touch screen controls as well as the Joy Con. Wave one (January 31) will include new contender Aegislash and supports Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu. On March 23, the second Wave will bring the battle character Blastoise along with a support set of Mew and Celebi. The Battle Pack is available for purchase now on the Nintendo eShop for $14.99.

The game also introduces a new story mode that features a variety of missions and boss battles. Co-op friends can also combine their abilities to produce new effects. Fe is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch on February 16, 2018.

Dragon Quest Builders Demo The Dragon Quest Builders Demo will be available by the end of January. New content for a 10-year-old game? The DLC will be available this Spring.

Nintendo Switch and PS4 enter the new year unsurprisingly as the top 2 gaming platforms in Japan, with the hybrid console being the clear leader, as it was at the end of 2017, but Sony's platform also showing that it can also pull healthy figures. Expect it for the Nintendo Switch this summer.

Trump calls Haiti and African countries 'sh**hole' nations
Of course, Trump's shocking comments are rather consistent with his past statements on immigrants, particularly from Haiti . It is also doubling down on those sentiments - proudly! - because it might advance his political power among his base.

Tesla Issues Takata-Related Recall For 2012-13 Model S
Ford inspected the vehicle on December 27, confirmed that the inflator ruptured resulting in a driver fatality and notified NHTSA. Each of the deaths came as the result of inflators manufactured on the same day and installed in 2006 Ranger pickups, Ford said.

Donald Trump says he is 'stable genius' after book questions mental fitness
That move spurred Wolff to publish the book four days earlier on Friday instead of its intended release date of January 9. The US President's lawyers tried to prevent the book's publication, warning that legal action was "imminent".

Players will be able to continue Mario's epic new world's adventure after the end of Super Mario Odyssey with the help if Luigi. The update being released in February will also add three new outfits to the game - a Super Mario Sunshine-inspired outfit, a musician outfit, and a knight armor. The update is coming in February. Select from a cast of butt-kicking heroines, as the name entails, and throwdown with opponents in tag-team matches that require more than just taking down HP. Players can also play in assist mode, which allows players to tweak the games hard to a slower or faster pace including taking on features such as the inability to take damage.

Funky has a host of new abilities that combine all of the other Kong's abilities into one character, including double jumping, hovering, and infinite rolling.

Indie platformer Celeste features pixelated graphics and an assist mode that lets you tweak the difficultly level. Here's what you and your Nintendo Switch have to look forward to this year. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition will be releasing on the Switch this Spring.

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