Oregonians outraged by self serve gas stations

Oregonians outraged by self serve gas stations

Oregonians outraged by self serve gas stations

OR is now one of two states that does not allow customers to pump their gas.

UNDER A NEW law only brought in on Monday, it is now legal for people in the USA state of or to use petrol pumps themselves to fuel their auto.

The Internet machine roared, fueled by a local TV station's now-viral Facebook post asking people to react to the new law. "I say NO THANKS!", one punter wrote angrily in response to a news story about the change, despite it not in fact being a poll. I don't want to smell like gasoline!

"Last time I went to OR, I got out and pumped my own gas, the attendant came running and yelling telling me I couldn't do that..."

Others took the opportunity to ridicule the hysteria over self-service gas: "Pumped my own gas my whole life and now my hands have literally melted down to my wrists".

Thomas Downs, who owns a small restaurant and gas station in Harney County in southeast OR, testified during a committee hearing past year that the bill would allow him to focus on other services his business provides.

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The job was reserved for gas station employees, as was once the case in most places including Tennessee and other Mid-South states. And what's with the 62-year-old guy who doesn't "even know HOW to pump gas".

Or not. Maybe we just sat back and laughed at their utter country hipster nonsense until tears streamed down our faces.

Bonus links: Read how crony corruption keeps New Jersey drivers from pumping their own gas.

In 1951, when OR first passed the law mandating gas station attendants, the rule made sense. She was successful in her attempt, but said she prefers having her gas pumped for her. You know what I did this morning?!

But beyond laughing at the hapless Oregonians, the news raises an interesting question: Why does OR even have gas station attendants in the first place? But for whatever reason, OR and New Jersey decided against repealing their laws, either to save jobs OR because the people in those states are naturally stubborn traditionalists.

The change probably would have drawn little attention outside OR if not for a TV station in the state that asked viewers for their opinion of the change on Facebook. Yes, these jobs are low wage, but they still can get people employed overall.

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