Bigg Boss 11: Why 'mastermind' Vikas Gupta can be the victor

Salman Yusuf Khan choreographs'Bigg Boss 11 finale acts

Salman Yusuf Khan choreographs'Bigg Boss 11 finale acts

Hina Khan cooks food for herself as neither Shilpa nor Vikas cook for her.

Day 103 starts with mastermind Vikas Gupta planning with Shilpa Shinde to fake her defeat.

Puneesh and Hina discuss about Vikas and Shilpa's changing relationship in the house.

Now, he put his family photograph over a pillow and asked Hina to tear the pillow cover using her heels.

However, this irks Puneesh who finds Vikas's way of making Hina step on his mother's picture outrageous.

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Vikas upped his game at this juncture and asked Hina to break a bracelet. Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde are getting nearly same number of Votes, Though Shilpa is leading but By very small margin. The task, Vikas-City, saw him as a dictator whose sole job is to make others quit the task. Vikas asks her to step aside as soon as she can. Hina relents initially, but refuses to give up in the task and agrees to his orders. She tells Vikas that Hina has watched previous seasons' episodes and to escape from cooking, she had lied to them (that she doesn't know to cook). When Shilpa and Vikas talk against Hina, Puneesh stops them and supports Hina (which is really sweet of him). Hina reminded Vikas that she did not put her foot on the photo and he can not cry about it later as he was the one who asked her to do it. Hina tells him that he stooped to another level by asking her to do it. Shilpa tells Hina that if she cared so much, she should have pressed the buzzer and quit the task and the latter questions that why she would do it.

Hina pretends to destroy his mother's photo. Puneesh sides with Hina and tells Vikas stooped for this task.

However, Hina starts pretending again, but Vikas takes his photo back.

We know that Shilpa is leading with a huge margin and is a favourite to win the show, but Monisha thinks otherwise as she feels it will be Hina, who will take home the trophy. Hina thanks Puneesh for supporting her. She cries and says she wishes that she wins this show. Vikas wins Rs 6 lakh and loses Rs 3 lakh because of Hina. Meanwhile, Vikas asks Shilpa why she is crying.

Interestingly, Hina also sings and remembers her journey in the show. Season 11 of Bigg Boss premiered on October 1, 2017, and has been one of the most entertaining as well as controversial seasons so far.

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