Ethiopia bans adoption of children by foreigners over abuse concerns

Ethiopia bans adoption of children by foreigners over abuse concerns

Ethiopia bans adoption of children by foreigners over abuse concerns

Angelina Jolie adopted her daughter Zahara from Ethiopia in 2005.

The Ethiopian Parliament approved the banning of foreigners from adopting children from the country on Tuesday January 9, 2018 to end the issue of child abuse in the country.

The east African country is one of the main sources for adoptions by USA citizens.

We gathered from report that some celebrities who adopted children from Ethiopia includes; Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Marie Louise Parker and Connie Britton.

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MPs said it was better for orphaned and other disadvantaged children to be cared for locally in order to avoid abuse from prospective parents allowed to adopt them.

But following the death in the US of an Ethiopian child at the hands of her adoptive mother in 2011, and another adopted child killed in the her parents in 2013, Ethiopia vastly decreased foreign adoptions and increased debate surrounding the issue. That possibility was highlighted in 2012 when, in a grim trial, an American couple were jailed for the death of their adopted 13-year old Ethiopian daughter. She was found in the yard of her adoptive parents' Washington home in 2011.

Several Western countries have suspended adoption from Ethiopia over concerns of corruption within the system and its susceptibility to human trafficking. In light of this information, adoption agencies should not refer new Ethiopian adoption cases for US prospective adoptive parents because the government of Ethiopia will not allow any new cases to be processed. Denmark's social and interior minister Karen Elleman said that her government did not "have the confidence" that Ethiopian adoptions "live up to the requirements we have in regards to the adoption process".

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