Jeff Sessions is tainted in the eyes of Donald Trump

Jeff Sessions is tainted in the eyes of Donald Trump

Jeff Sessions is tainted in the eyes of Donald Trump

According to the Gallup poll, a majority of Republicans (51%) are in favor while Independents (67%) and Democrats (72%) support legalization at even higher levels.

She said the problem for insurance companies is that medical marijuana doesn't have a drug identification number - a classification that requires going through the rigorous, expensive approval process required of all new drugs. In the three states where adult use has been legal for the longest period of time - Colorado, Washington and OR - there had been a combined total of $1.3 billion in tax receipts, according to the study. Forty-two percent said they supported a federal crackdown, and 47 percent said they opposed it.

The additional worries surrounding drugged driving and the potential increase in marijuana usage by young people have so-far not occurred in states which have legalized the drug for either medical or recreational usage, though studies remain ongoing. A Quinnipiac poll released Thursday had support for marijuana legalization at 58% nationwide, roughly in line with recent polls from the Pew Trust (61%) and Gallup (64%).

Four bills to legalize and tax the sale of marijuana were introduced previous year, but each died in committee hearing rooms.

All of this was but one step towards the establishment of a medical marijuana program which state law requires to be operational by September 8 of this year.

Sessions is forcing many members to choose between supporting prohibition of cannabis and siding with their own states and constituents. The people have spoken loud and clear across the nation and it's time for Congress to start listening, and respond with action. Facts on the ground suggest that many Americans want to legalize medical and recreational use of marijuana. Gov. Phil Scott, a Republican, is expected to sign the bill into law. Pot is legal, in some form or under some circumstances, in another 22 states.

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Alicia Wallace joined The Cannabist in July 2016, covering national marijuana policy and business.

Sessions' rescinding of the Obama administration's hands-off approach, though, has stirred unease in MA entrepreneurs gearing up for the July kickoff of reefer madness. Cory Gardner of Colorado said the shift contradicted the assurance Sessions had given him, and he threatened to block all Justice Department nominations in response.

Disrupting marijuana businesses is exactly what Sessions intends.

"Will it make people hesitant?"

This year, several states all across the country are looking to legalize and, in turn, rake in millions of dollars in tax revenue. Marion said the board worked for weeks in Baton Rouge to set very specific guidelines for who could get access to medical marijuana and how records must be kept to make sure no one is abusing the treatment. However, Assemblyman Michael DenDekker said that now he is not aware of any study that examines the efficacy of using medical marijuana as a treatment for substance abuse, adding that he would like documentation for people who just "don't get it". The agency has issued over 300 permits for California marijuana distributors, cultivators and, of course, retailers. The Nevada initiative was largely financed by the state's medical marijuana owners who wrote into the ballot measure their "exclusive right" to be the recreational marijuana retailers. "If cannabis businesses were legalized tomorrow and taxed as normal businesses with a standard 35% tax rate, cannabis businesses would infuse the US economy with an additional $12.6 billion this year". The city council in Virginia's second largest city passed a resolution Tuesday calling on state lawmakers to decriminalize pot possession.

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