Mark Hamill Reveals How Star Wars: The Force Awakens Almost Ended

Star Wars Themed Produce Exists Because Why Not


Williams previously worked on "The Force Awakens" and "The Last Jedi", in addition to the large body of work he created on the original and prequel Star Wars trilogies. Writer and director Rian Johnson recently revealed his justifications for the scene to IGN.

So if you want relive some spectacular renditions of the film's best shots, this video has something for you, too.

The Last Jedi painted some aspects of Star Wars into a corner, and it's hard to fathom how Abrams will resolve the biggest issues the series now faces when he delivers the sequel trilogy's concluding chapter in 2019. Rian Johnson ended up being tagged in the conversation, and Johnson did end up chiming in on the topic, where he pointed out that really none of the Force abilities are ever specifically called out prior to being seen on screen. I carried it around and used it for nothing except writing the script.

"I typed Episode VIII out on a MacBook Air".

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It's a fair point. "We felt like we were home", says Hamill, who also developed a weakness for Tayto smokey bacon crisps during his stay in Ireland. Fan favorites were killed off, questions from the previous movie were left unanswered, and we got a very passive Luke Skywalker. And shouldn't Kylo have noticed that Luke was wielding a lightsaber that had just been destroyed? If a Jedi can make somebody hear something that isn't there, as Obi-Wan does while shutting down the tractor beam in the first film, can a Jedi also make somebody see something that isn't there?

Of course, the twist is soon revealed that Luke is not actually on Crait.

Odds are Rian Johnson's explanation either wasn't necessary or it wasn't enough.

While there's discussion about Easter eggs that don't have much impact on the story of The Last Jedi, there are plenty of interesting details about the development of some key moments and how they came to be.

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