'Roseanne' fans boycott sitcom revival after news Roseanne Barr's character supports Trump

A promotional image for the

A promotional image for the"Roseanne revival

This is another place where Barr's real-life views - and how she's expressed them online - will intersect with her fictional alter ego. Roseanne will be a President Donald Trump supporter and this might cause the brood to clash.

Variety posted this clip on their site showing that Roseanne is the type of woman who may be poor and "under-educated" but that doesn't make her unsavvy or easily swayed.

The 65-year-old told journalists at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena, southern California, that hating people for the way they voted in 2016 was "not American". In comparison to the more aspirational sitcoms I remember from that time, like "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and "Full House"-or even "Friends", in which the characters' finances are more of a punchline than a genuine source of anxiety-I can certainly understand why an honest look at a blue-collar, working-class, Midwestern family could be groundbreaking".

"There are a lot of things he has said and done that I don't agree with, like there's probably a lot of things that Hillary Clinton has done and said that you don't agree with", she said.

The Conner family, now 20 years older than when we saw them last, are dealing with things that many American families will find familiar: opioid addiction, aging and healthcare - but they're all treated with the trademark straight-talking humor the show was loved for. Roseanne may dismiss statements that Trump seems xenophobic as people's "opinions" but what does that really accomplish?

We already know that the show found a clever way to include both of the stars who played Becky during the original run. and the status of other characters was also revealed. "And, in fact, it was the working-class people [who] elected Trump ... so I felt that was something that needed to be discussed".

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Executive producer Bruce Helford added that Roseanne's husband Dan (John Goodman) "didn't necessarily" vote for Trump, ("I don't think he voted", he said.) while Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) was pro-Hillary Clinton.

I also doubt this show will live up to the claim of unity cast members are saying it can be.

"This is a time when our country is divided", said returning cast member Sara Gilbert, according to the Hollywood Reporter. She stated that "Roseanne" could be a healthy platform in which to create some social commentary in the "context of family". "It's a great thing to have a family divided by politics but still filled with love", Gilbert said.

The sitcom brings the Conner family and the life of the country up to date when it debuts March 27 on ABC.

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