State Leaders Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy

State Leaders Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy

State Leaders Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy

We must stand up when anyone - especially the president of the United States - uses racist or derogatory remarks, implies that some people have more value than others, or preaches that some groups deserve better treatment due to their racial or ethnic heritage.

After Mr. Trump signed the proclamation in a White House ceremony, a journalist, April Ryan of American Urban Radio, called out at least twice, "Mr. President, are you a racist?"

Lemon gave an impassioned speech to his audience where he discussed the "painfully ironic" situation of having Trump make what Lemon deemed racist comments, then going on to make a speech about Martin Luther King Jr's legacy. "I think that President Trump is racially uninformed or racially ignorant".

A source familiar with the meeting told CNN that Carson was speaking with Trump about how to handle the controversy when the President turned to Farris Jr. and offered his explanation. Of course, this comes one day after allegations he used vulgar language to describe African countries - an allegation the president denies.

"I'm not surprised when I hear President Trump has said something else insulting, racist, bigoted, hateful, about a group of people or a nation of people", King said.

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City officials say when someone comes forward about a possible name change, they like to get community feedback.

Tributes to Martin Luther King Jr, one of the principal advocates of the civil rights movement, was planned long before the controversy arose over Trump's remark.

"Made up by Dems", Trump said on his Twitter account.

He said he would like to see improvements in community policing, economic development and education. None of the African-Americans who Trump gathered to support him for the holiday were willing to answer questions about the president's comments afterward.

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