Surfing Prius Rides Mudslide Wave Down Burbank Street

Surfing Prius Rides Mudslide Wave Down Burbank Street

Surfing Prius Rides Mudslide Wave Down Burbank Street

One driver says he feels lucky to be alive after his auto, with him and his girlfriend inside, was swept away in a wave of mud.

Franklin, who is from Dallas, said he heard rumbling around 6 a.m. on Tuesday and saw something he'd never seen before: "river rapids in the middle of a residential street".

'I guess this is going to be it for me, right here, ' he recalled thinking.

NewsChopper4 captured video of unrelenting waves of mud below a hillside fire burn area.

After the downpour slowed, Franklin helped his housemate secure sandbags around the home's perimeter and went back to sleep.

Several hours later, he received word that the storm's condition had worsened and that the neighborhood was being evacuated, according to KTLA.

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'The rain had started coming down, and I start seeing the rocks and boulders again, ' he described. 'I told my girlfriend, 'Hey, I don't know what's happening, but we've got to get ready to go'.

Franklin and his girlfriend were the last to leave, and he attempted to ease his auto down the street to avoid puncturing any tires. In this unsafe scenario, a man escaped a massive mudslide by racing his vehicle down a hill and counts himself as extremely lucky that he could manage to escape it unhurt, unharmed and alive.

He was able to maneuver the vehicle down the hill and out of the torrent of mud and water - and the auto still works fine.

"They looked like wadded-up pieces of paper", he said. "You couldn't even recognize what it was to begin with".

The couple hopped in the auto and started driving - but soon realized the mud had overtaken the vehicle and was sweeping them down the road. Later, a video of the auto was also posted on his Instagram account with the caption: "Barely made it out!" "I just wanted to survive and not end up a statistic".

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