The 5 Best Moments After Alabama's Win

Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa dropped back to pass during the second half

David J. Phillip Associated Press Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa dropped back to pass during the second half

So 2018 begins with the kind of game and the kind of memory that we had throughout 2017.

Georgia was able to total 133 yards on 45 carries, which is 39 yards more than Alabama's season average, but it was never able to work its stars into the game, even though it tried to open up the Crimson Tide defense through the passing game. With unwavering expectations, he's crafted the flawless program capable of making it look like destiny that they are going to win. For all of Alabama's success, the Tide have struggled to field a quality kicker in recent years. It's a horror movie, played on an endless loop. The freshman quarterback was sacked for a 16-yard loss on the previous play before sending Alabama to its 11th national championship. "He's definitely dominated his era and his time", Fisher said. The closest comparison would have to be the New England Patriots who have won five in the last 15 years. Georgia got the ball first in overtime. He's a really talented freshman, reminds you of Jake (Fromm) with a lot of things he did.

Nick Saban has done it again. "You know, I mean, I couldn't have done without our defense getting the ball back". Hawaii quarterback recruit and five-star prospect Tua Tagovailoa was there, and he made more or less the exact same throw he made a year later.

"Just look around this locker room and see all these guys that I've worked, slaved, won with, crying and hurting, that's just going to add fuel to the fire for next year", junior wide receiver Terry Godwin said.

The Crimson Tide doesn't just have a higher quality of talent than every other college team, it has more of it, too.

"He's good for stuff like this and he has the "it" factor", Hurts said.

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"I called him expecting to leave him a voicemail and I think he caught me by surprise more than I ever have when he actually answered", Thomas told the Paul Finebaum Show on Wednesday. His record as the Alabama starter was 25-2.

That move seemed to pay off for Saban, as Tagovailoa hit fire in the second half. He sat down a kid with those numbers and then watched as the backup from Hawaii put up all the numbers Alabama needed. You've had time to learn how to pronounce the last name - "You say tongue first, O-VY-LO-A", Tua Tagovailoa once explained - you just learned.

He made it sound easy.

It took late-game magic from Clemson's Deshaun Watson to vanquish the Crimson Tide in last season's quest. After Tagovailoa's one really bad throw, one that caused an interception, Fromm threw a ball that bounced off a helmet and ended up in the hands of Alabama's Raekwon Davis.

The touchdown drive covered 69 yards and the Bulldogs went 55 and 70 yards to set up second-quarter field goals of 41 and 27 yards by Blankenship. Wasn't its night any longer. The Tide was pushing for the fifth title under coach Saban, while Georgia's Kirby Smart was not only vying to be the first former Saban assistant to knock off the Tide, but also take the Title in year two of his head coaching campaign.

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