Trump administration prepares to withhold $255 million in aid to Pakistan

You Ask What We've Done? From Our Bases You Carried Out 57,800 Attacks On Afghanistan Pakistan Foreign Minister To Trump

Trump administration prepares to withhold $255 million in aid to Pakistan

In the tweet, Trump accused Pakistan - a key USA anti-terrorism ally - of taking American leaders for "fools" and providing terrorists from neighboring Afghanistan "safe haven".

The Trump administration has informed members of Congress that it will withhold security aid to Pakistan over what it described as "double game" by the authorities in Islamabad in countering the terrorism.

Pakistan is ready to face any US action in the wake of President Donald Trump's tweet on New Year's Day threatening the country, the defense minister and the army spokesman said.

WASHINGTON, D.C.: US President Donald Trump lashed out at Pakistan on Monday (Tuesday in Manila) in his first tweet of 2018, threatening to cut off aid over what he said were its "lies and deceit" in offering "safe haven to terrorists".

"The United States has arrived at what the Afghans have been saying for a long time - which is that Pakistan's policy toward Afghanistan, terrorism, and the fight against terrorism is not genuine".

The Reuters news agency quoted Miftah Ismail, Pakistan's de facto finance minister, as saying that the "aid cuts will not hurt us". It is the first time that the United States has taken a decisive action by halting the military aid till Pakistan takes credible steps against terrorists and militants on its soil.

"The president outlined a new strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia earlier this past year, in August".

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The Trump administration has already withheld $255 million in military aid - part of a $1.1 billion package approved by US Congress in 2016.

"We have already told the U.S. that we will not do more, so Trump's "no more" does not hold any importance". "I welcome today's clarity in President Trump's remarks and propose a joint USA - regional coalition to pressurise the Pakistan military establishment to bring peace to not just Afghanistan but the entire region". "Pakistanis have spent billions of rupees and sacrificed the lives of many soldiers for the war on terror", which "impacted the whole world and wasn't just" some local conflict.

Opposition leader termed US President's behaviour as "extensively regrettable" and said that reality is contrary to allegations levelled against Pakistan as the country has paid heavy price for becoming American ally in Afghan wars.

David Hale was summoned by the Pakistan foreign office on Monday to explain Trump's tweet, media said. "No more!", the president said. "We do not need any financial assistance from the United States".

Islamabad also dismissed United States accusations that it harbors terrorist and is doing too little to fight extremists.

Referring to the worldwide coalition operating in Afghanistan, the Pakistani leadership stated that the country, even today, is helping the coalition. Gen. Asif Ghafoor said Pakistan's response will be in line with the wishes of the Pakistani people.

Trump's blistering attack didn't go down well with anyone in Pakistan.

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