Trump faces first physical exam in office

Fire and Fury

GETTY FEAR Michael Wolff's'Fire and Fury claims Trump eats fast food to avoid poisoning

White House officials said that Mr Trump would not undergo a psychiatric exam.

Trump's liberal detractors and even some Republicans have recently questioned his fitness for office.

With the recent publication of "Fire and Fury", which relates interactions between White House staff and President Donald Trump, the gulf between those who believe he is a "stable genius" and those who believe he is a self-absorbed, incompetent and most unpresidential president, has surely widened.

Amid other things, the book revealed that the U.S. president prefers to eat McDonalds and has prohibited the White House staff from touching his stuff out of his fear of being poisoned. He says this administration needs to focus on a more comprehensive approach to fixing issues facing veterans rather than executive orders.

Presidential medical reports are typically brief, with an overview of a few basic metrics _ cholesterol levels, weight, blood pressure _ and may note some idiosyncrasies. In George W. Bush's first exam as president, his doctor said he enjoyed the occasional cigar, drank diet soda and ran 12 miles a week.

The president's comments, at once racist and sexist, are just one example to emerge in NBC's report alleging a series of inappropriate, racially-tinged encounters.

Lee said, "Under stress he has shown that he goes into attack mode and seems to resort to violence at times of feeling threatened or feeling powerless in some way".

The APA said it has confidence that Trump's physician will conduct an age-appropriate medical and mental health evaluation.

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As we reported during the campaign, Trump wanted to "open up" libel laws, which he called "impotent".

In the wake of the release of the book by author Michael Wolff, questions have been raised about Trump's mental and physical fitness.

In fact, new analysis from the Washington Post found that Trump has made more than 2,000 false or misleading claims since entering office.

Trump will have his first known medical exam since taking office on Friday, but there is little to indicate the checkup will provide much clarity about the state of the President's mind. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded to the questions that arose from that incident by saying he was merely parched, and that speculation about his mental stability were "frankly, pretty ridiculous".

By the amendment's terms, if the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet determine the president is "unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office", the vice president immediately becomes acting president.

The Boston Globe's Matt Viser pointed out two of Trump's biggest false statements: "President Trump, who has said Barack Obama wasn't born in the United States and Ted Cruz's father was behind JFK assassination, says laws should make it harder to say things that are false".

Dr Jackson served as physician to Barack Obama while he was in office and now serves as the appointed Physician to the President and Chief White House Physician.

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