US Farmers Welcome New Tax Reforms

Associated Press

Associated Press

Here is the text of the Executive Order on Rural Broadband and the Memorandum on Rural Broadband to the Secretary of the Interior.

While many farmers would like to preserve existing trade deals - which help send billions in American agricultural products around the world - President Trump has made clear he wants to shake things up with the North American Free Trade Agreement and other agreements - and that's drawn a somewhat anxious response in Nashville.

The president said his administration was removing "harmful restrictions" on forest practices, "so you can log more timber, plant more trees and export more renewable resources to other countries". "And we want our national anthem respected also".

He addressed the recent Republican victory on the tax reform bill and talked about issues that are of immediate concern to AFBF members and the US agriculture community.

"You embody the values of hard work, grit, self-reliance and sheer determination we need to - did you ever hear this expression? - make America great again", Trump told the crowd, returning to his campaign slogan.

Trump also vowed to push ahead on job-creating infrastructure projects, and promised to slash federal regulations that he argued hampered farmers. More than 1 million workers have already received a Tax Cut Bonus. They'll be able to deduct 20 percent of their business income.

Trump spent some time in his address on the new tax law he signed shortly before Christmas, telling producers about the $5.5 trillion in tax cut that will be offset by $4 trillion in other revenue changes.

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"Farmers and ranchers are the lifeblood of our rural communities and backbone of our country", said Roberts."It's refreshing to see a President take such personal interest in the rural American constituency".

It stated that there were very few farms actually being taxed previously: "In reality, only about 80 small businesses and farms would fall under the estate-tax tent this year, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center".

Trump's visit to Nashville will give him a mostly favorable audience.

"Obviously, you love your families, otherwise you wouldn't be standing for that one", he said. He said, "After the Obama Administration's record-setting regulatory regime, we needed a chief executive to rein in federal agencies and restore land rights to Tennesseans, who earn a living with their hands and feed America. It's under negotiation as we speak", Trump said. Bob Corker, Rep. Diane Black and Rep. Marsha Blackburn have joined Trump on Air Force One for the trip to Nashville.

"Since his inauguration, President Trump has made agriculture and rural America a high priority".

Aside from Trump's support, farmers now turn to Congress for help in the hopes of securing even more money in the upcoming Farm Bill.

In a lighthearted moment, Trump told the crowd, "Oh are you happy that you voted for me".

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