The Revamped Indian Passport May No Longer Be A Valid Address Proof!

Congress President Rahul Gandhi over decision to roll out orange passports

Congress President Rahul Gandhi over decision to roll out orange passports

The reaction comes in the wake of a decision by the Ministry of External Affairs to not print the address of the holder on the last page of a passport, denoting that the travel document will no longer serve the additional objective of a residential proof.

On Friday, the government made a decision to change the passport colour from blue to orange for people with Emigration Check Required (ECR) status.

In India, a passport is issued by the President of India for the goal of global travel and serves as a legal proof of Indian citizenship as per the Passports Act (1967).

As per the new design of the passport, the last page would be blank; and this means, the address won't be present there.

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The government is looking forward to make passport not valid as address proof and also change its colour for the citizens who wish to migrate from the nation. According to Indian Express, MEA is considering keeping the last page of the passport, which now contains many details of the holder including the address, blank. Similarly, those who do not require emigration check or are part of ECNR category will continue to get blue passports. It also examined other cases related to passport issues of children with single parent and adopted children.

After examining International Civil Aviation Organisation's guidelines regarding machine-readable travel documents, MEA decided that the last page of the passport booklet will no longer be printed. There could be some more changes in the passport like colour scheme.

The existing passports will continue to remain valid until the date of expiry printed on the passport booklet. As of now, everyone except diplomatic and official passports, have blue covers.

In an official statement, Kumar said that the decision was based on recommendations from a report submitted by a three-member panel of officials from MEA and Ministry of Women and Child Development.

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