Government Shutdown Looms Ahead of Trump's 1-Year Anniversary

Pennsylvania state Rep. Rick Saccone’s weak fundraising numbers have raised some GOP concerns in the 18th District

Government Shutdown Looms Ahead of Trump's 1-Year Anniversary

"#Dreamers belong here. I will vote NO on this spending bill because it does not put them on a pathway to citizenship", Sen. Help us keep our military funded. "So important for our country - our Military needs it!"

Racing against a midnight deadline, the U.S. Congress will try on Friday to send President Donald Trump legislation to keep the government operating and avoid federal agency shutdowns that would otherwise begin on Saturday.

Many Democrats have said they want a deal on the fate of so-called Dreamers - young immigrants brought to the us illegally as children - whose protection from deportation expires in March, before they support another spending bill.

President Trump has said that he wants DACA, which is set to expire in March, to be formalized as part of a separate deal that includes significant border security measures, including funding for a border wall.

"Democrats are needed if it is to pass in the Senate - but they want illegal immigration and weak borders".

Democrats are confident that voters will blame Republicans if the government shuts down as they control both bodies of Congress and the White House.

The split is not entirely along party lines, with some Republicans opposed to extending a long line of emergency bills to fund the government.

If the Senate approves, it would be the fourth 30-day continuing resolution passed in the last several months.

But given the tight margins, Rep. Bill Flores, R-Bryan, predicted a higher number of Lone Star members will support the package Thursday evening. He also demanded a long-term solution to CHIP.

The measure still faces iffy prospects in the Senate, where Democrats are poised to block it in hopes of spurring slow-moving talks on immigration.

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"We do not support perpetuating the current budgetary dysfunction that is hurting our country and our Commonwealth", Kaine and Warner said in a joint statement. In a CBS News poll on Thursday, 90 percent of respondents back allowing DREAMers to stay in the us, but only 46 percent of those respondents think it's worth shutting down the government to protect them.

But Walsh is in no doubt as to who will get the blame, even if Trump seems to think he can pin it on Democrats.

A senior Democratic aide told Business Insider that "the votes aren't there to pass it in the Senate".

House passage was assured after the House Freedom Caucus reached an accord with House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) said Hoyer's comments show that Democrats want a shutdown.

Ryan acknowledged his leadership team is still rounding up the votes but said, "I feel we're making real good progress".

For his part, Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer of NY read from a statement from the Pentagon criticizing the effect of yet another continuing resolution on the defense budget and posture. He said many bills that have already been introduced individually could be packaged into a single spending bill that would last through the end of the fiscal year in September. There, they need 60 votes in order to avoid a filibuster.

Earlier this week, South Carolina Republican Sen.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said the military is being used as a bargaining chip. "So there's very, very strong support not to go along with their deal".

"I'm not going to vote for a CR", Graham told reporters Wednesday. "This is nothing", Pelosi said at her weekly news conference Thursday. "Unlike nearly any president or administration before him, Trump has fanned the flames of a shutdown", The Washington Post says, and Trump's "evolving demands" on immigration "have created a moving target for Republicans, as they try to force concessions from Democrats".

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