All eyes on the Senate hours before a possible government shutdown

All eyes on the Senate hours before a possible government shutdown

All eyes on the Senate hours before a possible government shutdown

Many Democrats have said they won't vote for a spending bill unless it includes protections for DREAMers, while Republican leaders have instead focused on a short-term bill that would keep the government open for one month. "We should take those two issues up in sequence".

House passage came only after conservatives secured a promise from House Speaker Paul Ryan that he would soon advance some type of legislation to bolster U.S. military readiness, said Republican Representative Mark Meadows.

House Republicans did their job and passed a four-week spending bill. If the Senate can't pass the bill on January 19, there will be very little time left on the shutdown clock to even entertain the option of a two-day stopgap.

Here's where Congress is at on that spending bill: The House passed a short-term measure Thursday night, so now all eyes are on the Senate, where things aren't looking good. "I said that earlier". A small handful of Democrats have promised to vote in favor of a shutdown if the upcoming funding bill does not provide a solution for DACA recipients, and Tuesday's bid - now with CHIP funding - is a blatant effort to get Democrats to vote for the bill.

Democrats believe they have Republicans on the defensive and are hoping to press for as many concessions as they can, especially about the fate of almost 700,000 undocumented immigrants brought to America as children, around 8,000 of whom are from India. House Speaker Paul Ryan accused Democrats who oppose the bill of wanting to shut down the government and deny funding for the military and children's health insurance.

"And now they are threatening to crowd out the needs of veterans, military families, opioid treatment centers and every other American who relies on the federal government - all over illegal immigration", he said.

Still, if most Republicans vote yes, as most will, and most Democrats vote no, faulting Republicans will be a hard sell.

The White House has also said if there's a shutdown, the president plans to place the blame exclusively on Democrats. The White House later clarified the president's comments, saying that he supports the continuing resolution being proposed in the House. We are looking at the Trump states where we need pick up seats.

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Even if the House manages to approve the short-term spending bill , the measure's chances of passage in the Senate are slim. SENATE MAJORITY LEADER MITCH MCCONNELL: "Senate Democrats represent tens of thousands of children who depend on #CHIP".

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If there is a government shutdown, it does not mean that the United States military would be unable to defend the country, despite suggestions to the contrary from the president and fellow Republicans.

Most of those times the shutdown has been short and not involved employees being sent home, but that has changed in recent shutdowns. "Government shutdowns do not make sense".

If the short-term spending legislation does advance in the Senate, it will fund the government through February 16.

As of Thursday night, the odds of the Senate easily passing the spending bill passed by the House on Thursday looked poor.

Democrats have insisted a long-term spending bill must include a measure covering the "Dreamers", who were protected from deportation under former President Barack Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. But bipartisan congressional negotiations with the White House faltered last week, prompting Republican leaders to begin pushing for the passage of the stopgap measure. It would be the first government shutdown since 2013.

"It is clear that Congress has at least until March - at a minimum, and maybe even longer - to reach a compromise on the DACA question", McConnell said, citing the court order that froze the wind-down of the program and led to the administration taking new renewal applications from the young undocumented immigrants it covers.

The inclusion of the funding, aides said, was strategic and backed by the White House.

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