The Red Trunks Return in Action Comics #1000

Action Comics No. 1000.    
   Jim Lee  DC comics

Action Comics No. 1000. Jim Lee DC comics

In addition, to honor Swan's work, ACTION COMICS #1000 will bring back Superman's classic red trunks into the DC Universe.

DC Comics has a big milestone coming up. DC reboots like the New 52 and Rebirth reset all their series with new number-one issues to appeal to new readers, while Marvel Legacy recently returned its books to their original numbering to please longtime fans.

DC's Marv Wolfman will also script a story based on unpublished art by Curt Swan, the Golden and Silver Age artist who defined the look of Superman from the late 1930s until around 1970.

Action Comics #1 boasts probably the most iconic comic cover of all time: That shot of Superman smashing a auto on the street and normal people running in terror from his power. That is why it is so exciting that DC is celebrating the 80 anniversary of Superman with their milestone comic ACTION COMICS #1000 in April. Jim Lee provided the updated design of the character, so it's no surprise why Superman looks so darn cool in this milestone cover, despite wearing the trunks that fans either love or hate.

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Almost seven years ago, Superman's iconic red trunks were retconned away by DC Comics' New 52 reboot as a way to revitalize and update his iconic costume. He is your go-to fella for creator interviews, conversations about comic book structure, and general DC Comics nerding. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster's classic hero Superman represents the ideal vessel of hope even in the 21 century. The current Superman creative team (Peter J. Tomasi and artist Pat Gleason) will also contribute a 15-page story, while Action Comics' writer and artist Dan Jurgens will get a 15-page story of his own.

"Action Comics No. 1000 represents a watershed moment in the history of not just comic books, but entertainment, literature, and pop culture", Jim Lee, co-publisher of DC Comics and cover artist of the Action Comics No. 1000 issue, said in a statement.

The first issue of Bendis' reign at DC will be available at comics retailers and digitally on April 18.

Contributors to this once-in-a-lifetime issue include legendary Superman movie director Richard Donner and New York Times best-selling writer Geoff Johns, with art by Olivier Coipel. "Without this book, along with Siegel and Shuster's fertile imaginations and boundless creativity, the superhero's place in literature may have been wildly different, if not altogether nonexistent".

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