Instagram Adds "Last Active" Feature to DMs

Instagram Adds

Instagram Adds "Last Active" Feature to DMs

It follows that they'll be able to see when you were last active as well.

Thankfully, the new feature only reveals whether users have opened the app to people who have exchange direct messages in the past. Online reports have also suggested that Instagram is testing out other features such as text-only stories and alerts for screenshots.

Instagram now lets users see when their friends last checked the app on their mobile device. There you should find settings, with a toggle for "Show Activity Status".

You'll see the new active note just below the usernames in the DM section of your app.

Instagram Adds

Well, the Active Status Feature has to be enabled in order to view the status timing and all of the followers and the friends of yours on Instagram. The giant is adding new Activity Status feature for your friends. Now, if you are viewing someone else's profile who follows you but you don't follow him/her, you will notice the words "Follow Back" instead of the usual 'Follow'. Given Facebook's past track record, Instagram can force users to install it to access direct messages.

A new update on Instagram allows users to see when their followers have been active - and the move angered many users who said the Instagram update is creepy. Plus, it seems the company is going to send a notification if someone takes a screenshot of your story. That is, unless you disable the feature, which we suspect a lot of you will want to do.

Unlike Facebook, you can turn this function off, so thank goodness for that.

Twitter user @emilysarpietro slammed the new feature, saying "nothing's private any more" and promising she would be "definitely coming off social media soon".

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