Billionaire Couple Murdered by Multiple Assailants, Private Investigators Say

Billionaire Couple Murdered by Multiple Assailants, Private Investigators Say

Billionaire Couple Murdered by Multiple Assailants, Private Investigators Say

The day the Shermans were found police said that there was no evidence of forced entry into the home.

The unnamed source told the CBC that though no rope was found on the premises, their wrists had been tied together at one time, and that the bodies had been moved at some point. However, according to latest reports, police investigators now believe the couple were killed by multiple killers.

Billionaire philanthropist Barry Sherman and his wife, Honey, were murdered in their Toronto home by more than one killer, private investigators believe. They concluded the couple were both murdered.

The Shermans were found dead in their home on December 15, and early reports suggested that this might be a case of murder-suicide.

The Sherman family appointed a team of former Toronto homicide detectives to conduct a separate and independent investigation into the case. The investigators came to this hypothesis because Honey was wearing the same clothes she was last seen in, on December 13, stated the source.

Barry Sherman and his 70-year-old wife Honey were found dead in the basement of their Toronto home.

Police say they are still investigating the deaths as suspicious, though they have not been officially ruled homicides.

Sherman Funeral Family and VIP leave after paying their respects to Honey and Barry Sherman at International Center in Toronto.

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"There were no bindings found at the scene, but the autopsy, the post-mortem, showed that there were markings on the wrists", Kevin Donovan, the Toronto Star's reporter for the piece, told CTV News.

Sherman stepped down as the CEO of Apotex in 2014 but continued in the position of the chairman.

The couple also tested negative for any drugs that could have played a part in their deaths, according to the Star's story.

In the days after their death long-time family friend Fred Waks, who regularly socialised, dined and travelled with the Shermans, shut down any claims of a murder-suicide. Investigators said that she had cuts and bruises on her face, indicating that she had put up a fight in the murder.

However, the Sherman's four children are disputing that line of theory, saying that a murder-suicide makes no sense.

Barry Sherman was the founder of pharmaceutical giant Apotex and was believed to have accumulated a fortune of $4.77 billion before he and his wife died. "They wouldn't end that way".

Contacted by telephone on Saturday morning, a Toronto police spokesperson said the force's own investigators have no updates at this time.

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