Google Chrome 64 update rolling out to users

Google Chrome 64 update rolling out to users

Google Chrome 64 update rolling out to users

Since 2012, meanwhile, Google has allowed people to block specific ads they don't want to see; a year ago alone, user recommendations prompted Google to remove 1 million ads from its ad network.

First, let's tackle the addition Google is making to Ad Settings. This will work on PCs and Android devices, providing the company running that ad has partnered with Google.

Reminder ads are pop-ups, prompting you to buy something, and are most likely to show up if you've recently looked up something in an e-shop.

It also plans to roll out the new controls on more platforms in the future, like YouTube, Search and Gmail. We launched a single dashboard for ads controls-originally named the Ads Preferences Manager, now Ads Settings-in 2009, Why This Ad in 2011, Mute This Ad in 2012, and then folded these into your central data controls hub: My Account. "If these advertisers use Google ad services, they can provide those lists to Google in order show ads to the same people who visited their website".

A new section within Google's ads settings, called "Your reminder ads", allows users to see who is now retargeting them with Google display ads. Those are reminder ads.

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The second change involves the "Mute This Ad" functionality as a whole. We should see these options rolling out today, so either jump over to your Ad Settings or go track down an unsavory ad to give them a spin for yourself. It will recognize users' feedback on any device where they're signed into their Google Account. When a user restricts an advertiser under the new tool, he/she is muting all the ads shown by that advertiser rather than a specific ad.

Essentially, reminder ads are used in an attempt to get you to return to a particular website where you've started - but not completed - a transaction.

It might seem counterintuitive for Google to block something that makes the company money, but annoying ads tend to alienate the user and waste the money of the advertiser. Next to your current reminder ads is a tab showing all the ads you already muted.

Google's new feature does not come as good news for advertisers.

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